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An innovative, easy-to-use platform supporting medication adherence for the pharmaceutical industry

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Rootines is a software ecosystem built to support patient engagement in order to keep your patients on-therapy. Data can be accessed through our administrative portal and Rootines can alert when adherence falls off or intervention support is needed.  Available EMR/EHR integration allows you to choose what elements you want us to push or pull data integration with your current systems.

Comprehensive Administrative Dashboard

HUBs can choose what to track for each patient population in a modular and scalable way. Responsive design allows for use on a desktop, tablet or a smartphone.

Reporting allows pharmaceutical stakeholders to view high level adherence information, demographics and more.

Collect information continuously, straight from the patient, arming all stakeholders with robust HIPAA complaint data

Track patient goals related to therapy, diet, hydration, sleep, mood, behaviors and more — everything you want to monitor in one spot.

Create the optimal patient journey and support with learning tools and resources

Engaging user interface encourages patients and celebrates improvements and milestones. Simple design and responsiveness for accessibility and ease of use.
Download Rootines on the app store
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